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I am an Audible-Approved audiobook narrator, voiceover artist, and professional actress with an MA in classical theatre from New York University. My theatrical background provides me with a great facility for expression, creating characters, and a variety of accents. I have performed on stages throughout Southern California and been associated with some of Los Angeles’ most prominent theatre companies, including The Will Geer Theatricum, The Actors’ Gang, and City Garage. I honor literature immensely and love bringing words to life.

My professional post-production experience in film and broadcast television greatly facilitate the production element required to fully produce and master professional audiobooks. I worked as a story editor and assistant editor on MTV’s Made, Bravo’s The It Factor, and VH1’s Totally Obsessed. I have also shot and edited two short documentary films (viewable on my website The Bohemian Heart).

My state-of-the-art studio, Femme Vocale, delivers the highest-quality audio, with latest generation iMac, Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, Pro Tools 10, Audio Technica 2035 large diaphragm studio condenser cardioid mic, Waves plugin suite, and iZotope RX.

My clients include authors, agents, audiobook production houses, and publishers—among them Audible StudiosBee AudioNew York Times bestselling author Joan Wester AndersonUSA Today bestselling mystery/thriller author Cheryl BradshawNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ava Lore, bestselling mystery writer Jo Dereske, and award-winning Amazon #1 bestseller Dr. Jennifer Howard.

You might not know it to look at me, but as a second-degree black belt, former second mate and forklift driver, I’ve got a mean left hook and can drink just about any sailor under the table. But the real secret of my success is my little pooch (and production assistant), Howlin’ Jay Hampton, who makes my world a vastly better place.Post-Hide-a-Bat 2 - portrait - tint

Audiobook narration and production is a natural for me, the perfect amalgam of my creative talents.

I am a member of the APA (Audio Publishers Association).

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New Release: Dear Departed


Dear Departed by Enes Smith

Decorated homicide Sergeant Natalie Collins arrived home only seconds after her sister was murdered. The killer was still at the house . . . a man who believed that with each kill he was closer to living forever. He was hunting survivors of certain death – searching for their secrets. He escaped, and the evidence in Natalie’s house pointed to her. Now she is on the run, hunted by the police and the killer with unfinished business.

A serial killer thriller in the best traditions of mystery, crime, and suspense novels. Originally published by The Berkley Publishing Group, this is a special Kindle edition. Crime writer Ann Rule said, “Smith is a cop who’s been there, and a writer on his way straight up . . . chillingly authentic.”

Get the audiobook here

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