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If you can’t beat ’em….

As we struggle through what I have sardonically dubbed the Summer of Construction surrounding our little studio here at Femme Vocale (sinking our narration business fairly into the toilet), Delphine – sagacious soul that she is – has taken a new tack and embarked on a writing venture in her natural genre of erotica.

Help me bid Delphine bon voyage and great success with the launch of The Seductress: Siren of the Seven Seas, to be released first as vignettes, then bundled as series on Kindle (audiobook format to follow the Summer of Construction).

Look for a first release in the heat of August….

The Seductress: Siren of the Seven Seas
(Vignettes of Voyages to Erogenous Zones)
by Delphine Ste. Sirène

Welcome aboard The Seductress: Siren of the Seven Seas, a ship that casts an evocative spell on her passengers, crew, and natives of the exotic lands she graces with her hull. Romantic interludes abound – at sea and in port – with Mme Delphine (part fortuneteller, part gypsy, part … well, madame, of sorts) conjuring an atmosphere steeped in erotic possibilities, as we sail from one Passion Port to the next.  For a voyage of sensual pleasure, where erotic fantasy blooms into reality … come aboard The Seductress.

Series One: Temptations on the Tyrrhenian
                      Passion Port: Rome (Maiden Voyage)

An ancient ritual in carnal Rome, the sinfully spicy southern Italian coast, the communes of exotic Corsica, and voluptuous vixens of a volcanic archipelago formed by the Demigod of the Winds promise a voyage of delights and discoveries: the Temptations of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Delphine vocalizes Femme Vocale’s more “mature” titles.

Below is a listing of offerings by Delphine.

What’s the difference between 50 Shades of Grey and The Billionaire’s Wife? Good writing.

  +   Femme Vocale  =   

Delphine Ste. Sirène – sassy seductress, sarcastic siren, and my soul sister at Femme Vocale – announces the hottest audiobook release of the summer: Ava Lore’s The Billionaire’s Wife. Read the synopsis below and listen to a sexy sneak peak right here – it sizzles!


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Starving artist Felicia Dare hates rich men. As far as she’s concerned, they’re all absent, philandering jerks who care more about money than people. And she should know. Her own father is a millionaire.

Or was. When he shows up on her doorstep and tells her he blew the GDP of Africa on bad investments and failed businesses, Felicia knows he’s getting what he deserves. Except that’s not all: her mother is sick, and he can’t afford the payments for her treatments. He has a backer to save his company, but there’s one catch: Felicia must marry him!

A modern woman, Felicia balks at the implication that her hand can be bought, and she sets out to give this backer a piece of her mind. But there’s more to Anton Waters than money and power, and when they come face to face, Felicia realizes that saying no to his proposal may be harder than she thought!

Warning! This novel is full of drama, romance, and red-hot BDSM sex, and is for mature readers only!

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Heat Wave – Part 1

Written by E.M. Flemming | narrated by Delphine Ste. Sirène

Adult Short Stories for Women: Part 1 of the Heat Wave Series

Sara Beckett is a woman who knows how to get what she wants. And when she wants something, she goes after it with a vengeance. Even her best friend’s husband…

Set against the backdrop of a New York City summer heat wave, this sizzling tale of a woman who knows how to use her beauty and her mind to her advantage, will have you craving for more.

Part 1 in the Heat Wave Adult Short Stories for Women Series.

Get the audiobook here!




The Passenger by E.M. Flemming

When an airline stewardess’s infatuation with one passenger goes from fantasy to reality, she finds herself crossing the line and wondering more about just who the mysterious Spaniard is.

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The Betrayal by E.M. Flemming

From the Author of Heat Wave comes … The Betrayal.

Finishing their senior year in law school, Hallie and Sydney are swept up into a love triangle led by one man – Blake Edwards. Mysterious, wealthy, and drop-dead gorgeous, Blake coaxes them into a sordid love affair that’s bound to leave one of them broken.

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